employment system in iunajaf

service employee

Application Roles


1- Validity of the entered data.

2- He must be within the legal age for professional service and not less than 1969.

3- Not covered by the Accountability and Justice Law.

4- He should be free from diseases and permanent impairments.

5- He shall not be punished with any disciplinary punishment such as dismissal or exclusion, and he shall not have financial and administrative corruption or any crime against honor.

6- He should not be employed in any public or private state department on a permanent basis, contract or daily wage.

7- The application for appointment must be the latest certificate obtained by the applicant.

8- Not to apply for two jobs or one job in two departments at the same time.

9- To pass the selection of eligibility to teach in the college to which he is applying (required after acceptance).

10- The applicant for appointment shall provide a personal guarantee to continue and be committed to teaching for a period of not less than one academic year.

11- The applicant should not be a master’s or doctoral student.

12- To pass the interview successfully.

13- The son of the governorate is awarded (20) degrees, and the non-provincial child is given (5) marks for competing for the contract.

14- A written undertaking is organized by the Legal Affairs Department / at the University Presidency that the information related to paragraphs (3,5,6,7,12) is correct.


Required documents


1- (Iraqi nationality certificate + civil status ID + ration card or the unified card).

2- The university order for the latest certificate or degree equivalency decision.

3- A form withdrawn from the website after completing it.

4- Photo number (2).